What diameter of braid should I use for the leader?

The leader is an essential element in carp fishing and to do this, you will need fishing braid. It is especially the diameter of this one which generates several questions, in particular for the beginners. Of course, choosing the diameter of a braid is not always an easy task, but it also depends on several factors at the same time

The characteristics of fishing braid

For carp anglers, nylon is always on the top of the list if they have a choice. But it is not just any nylon because it is also important to consider its characteristics. Today, manufacturers are making nice, strong yet flexible braids to go with the carp leader. Generally, the fine diameter is in line with the need for strength to fight the fish. After that, it is clear that all braids need to be wound perfectly. This means that the quality of the reel is also important.

It should always be borne in mind that not all nylon lines are the same. This means that you must first consider its elasticity. This is the first criterion to be considered before the diameter. There is also the suitable length and this can be different depending on the brand of braid. And finally, consider the diameter. The larger it is, the more rigid the braid will be.

The importance of the diameter

The diameter of the braid for the carp leader is of paramount importance because it will have a big influence on the effort you have to put in. Some people agree on 30 to 40, or even 45/100 sometimes. The most important thing to know is that the bigger the diameter, the harder it is for the carp to spit out the bait. This will help to avoid tangling. A small diameter can give the fish a chance to slip through your tackle, and let’s not forget that carp are quite tough.

It is therefore never easy to determine the right diameter, because each angler has his own experience to share on this subject. What is certain is that a large diameter is chosen for the simple reason that it prevents the braid from breaking.

Choosing the right diameter

In order not to lose sight of the fish that has already taken the bait, it is best to first look at the thickness of the braid. Carp leader can be quite strong and effective, no matter what braid you choose. It should be noted that most breaks occur because of the cut and not because the pull is too high.

It is therefore preferable to have a thick braided line that will be able to resist abrasion when in contact with a sharp or abrasive object. However, a fairly large diameter can also play a role in this because there will be more margin before it breaks.

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